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I am an Optician that has specialized in helping people who are extremely sensitive to the sun and glare for the last 40 years. Sensitive eyes require darker than normal sunglasses to be in the very bright world. When they go to their eye specialist they ask what kind of sunglasses should they wear? Their eye specialist will routinely shrug their shoulders, and suggest that they get the best “Polarized Lenses” they can find. That is their best answer to that question.

Zurich International’s XG extreme glare reduction technology is not polarized, and it does not interfere with avionics, iPads, or other electronic screens that incorporate polarizing filters such as LCDs and LED screens. In addition, our XG technology does not create splotches on the canopies of aircraft which make it difficult to see through the dark, and cloudy areas, to read weather patterns, or see approaching aircraft.

Polarization also eliminates the glint of approaching planes. Our XG technology allows the glint of near, incoming aircraft to be seen so that there is time to maneuver out of their path. Lastly, our XG technology allows better vision to infinity, giving greater depth perception, better color recognition, and reducing eye strain and the resulting tension affecting the neck, shoulders, and upper back of the dedicated pilot. Lastly, XG technology can be added to prescription lenses. We can add our technology even to the most sophisticated types of lenses like progressive. This is a huge benefit for thousands pilots that wear Rx lenses like bifocals, trifocals, or progressive lenses.

Bruce Holden
CEO & Optical Specialist
Zurich International

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100% Money Back on our Iconic Aviators
100% Money Back- Guarantee

If you are able to find any sunglasses that reduces as much or more sun glare than our Iconic Aviators, we will refund you 100% of the price of your Iconic Aviator purchase. Offer valid for 30 days following the purchase of your Iconic Aviators

Must be 21 years of age or older to receive 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Must provide proof of purchase of both Iconic Aviator and comparable glasses for 100% Money Back Guarantee to apply. Additional information regarding comparable glasses may be required and must be provided within 14 days of request by Zurich International.

We reserve the right to modify sunglasses orders to make lenses lighter or darker as requested, or as needed. Any lenses that are made lighter at customer’s request or necessity will not qualify for the 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Comparison testing will be conducted within 30 days of receipt of claim for qualifying orders.

Legal entities, firms, optical professionals, retailers, including optical manufacturers or retailer employees, are not entitled to enter or participate in this comparison. Entrant is precluded from being sponsored, bankrolled, or being backed by any other person, group of people or undisclosed backers, supporters, or entities.

Additional Terms and Conditions may apply. See our official web site @ for details.

All orders sent in for a full refund will receive the 100% refund, minus the shipping and handling, delivery, and similar fees (including applicable sales taxes).

All orders eligible for the full refund must be returned to the seller in new, resalable, pristine, and unused condition within 30 days of delivery. Seller will not accept any products for return that is purchased from any reseller, or retailer.

Offer valid for 30 days following the purchase receipt of the Iconic Aviators. Refunds are limited to only one per household, or per each designated address.

Sunglasses must be purchased on the internet from only. This offer excludes the comparison of specialty, custom-made, or technical glasses, such as welding glasses or other occupational glasses that were never designed, or intended to be used, or sold as regular sunglasses.

Comparable sunglasses must be proven to block or reduce at least as much outdoor sun glare during Zurich International testing as compared to our designated “dark gray” Iconic Aviators at 6% transmission rate (VLT).

This return policy is not a warranty. Additional restrictions, or conditions may apply to Warranty replacements.

Thank you for comparing the Iconic Aviators with all the other sun glare reduction technologies available worldwide. May you be pleasantly surprised! May your vision, and perception be greatly enhanced, and happily improved as a result of this investigation, or inquiry.