Serengeti #5223 Frame & Drivers Corning Glass Lenses by Serengeti

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The Legendary Serengeti #5223 Frame with Drivers Corning Glass Lenses by Serengeti

  • Lighter or Darker Lenses are Available Upon Request
  • Non-Polarized
  • Legendary Quality Serengeti #5223 Steel Alloy Frames are Built to Last
  • Corning Glass “Photo Sensitive” lens that turns dark in the sunshine, and automatically lightens up in the absence of sun.
  • Serengeti Drivers Corning Glass Lenses Offer Exceptional Glare Reduction, Durability, & Scratch Resistance
  • The #5223 Frame’s Narrow Temples Ensure Comfort Under Tight Radio Headsets During Long Flights
  • High Definition Serengeti Lenses are Optically Perfect
  • 1 year warranty on the frame and optional one year lenses warranty.